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Order of Angels Home Page!
Order of Angels Mailing Address
P.O. Box 16664
Mobile, Al 36616

About The Order of Angels

Proudly celebrating 13 years of parading in Mobile, AL, the
Order of Angels is a unique Mystic Societies. Founded in
2002, the organization is based on many of the same
principles and follows many of the same traditions as any
typical Mardi Gras organization.

Like most societies, the Angels spend most of their year
working towards their annual parade. However, while other
groups are also busy planning out the lavish tableaus and
balls that follow, the Angels are instead devoting the
remainder of their time to community service. Money
normally spent on stage settings, lighting, food and
entertainment is instead given back to the community in a
variety of ways. Angel members assist groups like Eagles
Landing, Penelope House, The Child Advocacy Center and
Ronald McDonald House and many more on a regular basis.
They volunteer their time and give generously from their
organization treasury. Whether they're throwing beads or
spreading goodwill, these members love giving back to their
community whenever & wherever they can!

Thank you Mobile!

Our February 14, 2015 parade
huge success,
The Angels along with our parading
colleagues the Floral Parade, Knights
of Moible, Mobiler
Cadets & The
Mystical Ladies celebrated with
47.213 of our "closest friends"
according to police estimates. It was a
wonderful ride and we look forward to
doing it again next year!

See you February 6, 2016!
2015 Grand Marshal, Bubba Blackwell